iFileCopy v0.9.15

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• iFileCopy is initially created for managing EPX (.xml) files generated by the addon application ElectrodeWorks in SolidWorks workfolder during electrode design. iFileCopys role is to present these files in a structured way for Sodick EDM Machines and similar solutions.

• iFileCopy allows you to monitor designated project folders on your file system.

• iFileCopy monitors file changes in these folders and creates project folders following a structure and naming schema that your machines can process. In addition the application can also copy template files to the machines workfolder.

• iFileCopy ensures the latest files are always present in the machines workfolder

• iFileCopy also comes with a template for electrode offset presetting. From this template it is possible to add additional EDM positions, set electrode number and update gap and in addition to this a offset.nc file is created that can be runned directly by your Sodick EDM machine.

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